Daily Candy Loves Nine Naturals!

“No Scotch, bloody steak, or goat cheese — at times, pregnancy feels like an epic cleanse.

Make it holistic with Nine Naturals, an all-natural beauty line for pregnant women.

Though many companies claim to be au naturel, Nine Naturals founder Grace Lee makes it transparent. She links every ingredient to a glossary on the site so you know why the shampoo delights your sensitive nose (delicate essential oils) and how the complementary conditioner combats dryness (omega-rich broccoli seed oil).

Along with hair care, the line includes citrus and geranium body wash, unscented moisturizer, and an especially lovely belly butter made with cupuaçu and shea.

Just as notable as what’s included is what’s missing — sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, and artificial preservatives.

This might be one cleanse you stick with.

Available at ninenaturals.com, $5-$48.”

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