Celebrity Mama-to-Be: Jaime Ray Newman

Congratulations to Jaime Ray Newman who’s expecting a baby girl sometime this August. The actress and her husband recently celebrated the oncoming arrival of their daughter with a rooftop baby shower bash over the weekend. At the event, the actress and star of ABC’s Red Widow, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop in an interview about her pregnancy and thoughts on becoming a mom.

When asked for her thoughts on her pregnancy, Newman commented, “Thankfully, I’ve been feeling really good. Now I’m starting to slow down and my feet are getting a little tired, but up until now I’ve had a lot of energy and I’ve felt great! I love being pregnant.

Newman also appears to be ecstatic for her approaching motherhood. On what she looks forward to the most as a mom, the actress said, “All of the endless nights of sleep I am going to get. [laughs] I am just excited to have something bigger than me and Guy out there. You get so self-involved and wrapped up in yourself, especially in our business, so it will be really nice to have something more significant than us.”

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