3 Ingredients In Truly Natural Mascara You Need To Know

What’s in your mascara? 3 Natural Ingredients in Honeybee Gardens’ Truly Natural Mascara (available now in the Nine Naturals Covet Shop!)

Mascara is often filled with harmful  chemicals, such as parabens, and potential carcinogens such as petroleum and tar. These toxic ingredients have adverse effects on not only your eyelashes, but also your overall health (studies have linked these chemicals to cancer and birth defects). In mascara, these chemicals can also have negative beauty effects by hindering lash growth and causing lashes to fall out!

Fortunately, using these toxins aren’t necessary to achieve the beauty results you want. At Nine Naturals, we only believe in using all-natural and organic ingredients, instead of harmful chemicals, to enhance your natural beauty and our new addition to the Covet ShopHoneybee Gardens’ Truly Natural Mascara–is no exception. Here are some of the all-natural and non-toxic ingredients that make this mascara a moisturizing, nourishing, and water-resistant must-have in your makeup routine!

SAW PALMETTO: The oil obtained by cold extraction of Saw Palmetto berries is used to promote hair growth. In Truly Natural Mascara, this ingredient nourishes eyelashes while helping them grow long and lusciously, giving you naturally mesmerizing lashes!

CARNAUBA WAX: Almost completely exclusive to Brazil, the oil extracted from Carnauba Palm leaves is dried into a wax that is used in the  Truly Natural Mascara. It is a natural thickener that doesn’t clog pores, ensuring a smooth application for silky lashes. But it gets better! This mascara also softens lashes at the same time, leaving your eyelashes voluminous and clump-free!

AVOCADO BUTTER: Rich in vitamins, proteins, and fats, avocado butter is the perfect ingredient for natural mascara. This holy grail moisturizer is high in powerful antioxidants that not only hydrate lashes but also keeps them soft even after makeup removal. That’s why we also put avocado oil in our Nine Naturals Citrus + Geranium Soothing Body Wash.

In the case of Honeybee Gardens’ Truly Natural Mascara, quality is not sacrificed for purity. All-natural cosmetics not only keep your body healthier for you and your baby, they also effectively nourish lashes to help you look your best before, during, and after application. So embrace it–all-day silky eyelashes with natural volume and length!


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