2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Unique Gifts for Pregnant Women!

The best presents for an expectant mom are those that help her relax, love her pregnancy, and treasure this special time in her life. Here are Nine Naturals’s top picks for unique gift ideas for the mom-to-be this holiday season:        

1) Nine Naturals Pregnancy Travel Gift Set: Complete with a sample size of every essential beauty product needed during traveling, Nine Naturals’ travel gift set makes an ideal treat for the mom-to-be on the go!

2) 7 A.M Enfant Mittens: Perfect for keeping a mom’s hands warm during those early morning walks with the baby stroller.

3) Tory Burch Coley Knit Slippers: Every mom needs another something cozy this winter. These slippers are perfect for keeping those tired, pregnant feet warm and comfy.

4) The 20th-Century Children’s Book Treasury: A compilation the most beloved picture books of the past century, this is a perfect gift for both mom and baby.

5) Porn for New Moms: Featuring shots of handsome dads changing diapers or caring for the baby while mom and her girlfriends enjoy a spa day, this titillating book is filled with images tackling the fantasies of new mothers in an entirely charming and non-graphic manner.

6) Subscription boxes: A carefully curated month-by-month care package geared towards putting the new mom at ease while expecting a baby. Some of Nine Naturals’ favorite subscription boxes included Little Pnuts, Stork Stack, Mommiesfirst, Citrus Lane.

7)  Skin Wordwide Organic Sheer Robe: Organic and stylish, perfect for keeping warm at night.

8) Jennifer Meyer “Mum” Necklace: A quaint & quirky spin on the traditional “Mom” jewelry.

9) UrbanSitter Gift Card: A night out for the holidays can be the perfect gift for a new mom. Make it easy with an UrbanSitter giftcard, which lets moms find and book friend recommended sitters.

What would you recommend as an ideal gift for a mom or mom to be?