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2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Top Presents for the Expectant Dad!

There’s never a shortage of ideas on what to get an expecting mom. But new fathers deserve attention as well. Here’s our selection of guy-appropriate gift ideas for the Holidays that’ll help him grasp how to be a dad with ease.

1) Diaper Dude Convertible Backpack-Messenger: This decidedly “unbaby” diaper bag is perfect for new dads and can be used as either a backpack or a messenger bag.

2) Dad’s Playbook: Compiled on the basis that dads and coaches strive to exhibit similar traits, this book has more than a 100 quotes on motivation, mentorship, discipline, and love – straight from the mouths of the greatest sports coaches of all time.

3) Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener: It’s hard to open a beer when you’re holding a baby (wink, wink). This opener allows the new dad to do two things at once.

4) Football Fanatics Baby Athletic Apparel: There is nothing better for the sports fanatic dad than seeing his baby representing his favorite team. Other sport baby apparel companies include Baby Sport and BabyFans.

5) Basket Affair New Dad Survival Kit: This cool kit has everything a new dad may need to make it through those first few rough nights, from ear plugs to energy bars.

6) How to Install a Carseat lesson: The Carseat lady offers private lessons on how to install a carseat properly – exactly what the new dad needs when bringing home a baby from the hospital for the first time.

7) Huluplus Subcription: Between feedings, diaper duty, and tummy time, a Huluplus Subcription is exactly what the new dad needs to catch up on all the favorite shows he’s missed!

8) & 9)Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camara & Seagate External Hard Drive: Perfect for capturing baby’s first moments & backing up all the pictures!

What’s your suggestion on great gifts for showing an expecting father how to be a dad, and great one at that?



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