Bundle Organics Organic Citrus Ginger Nausea Relief Tea
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Enjoy a serene teatime for two with this naturally caffeine-free, non-herbal, all-around wonderful Organic Citrus Ginger tea. It’s light and lemony and easy on your belly. Ingredients like lemon, orange and ginger help ease heartburn, digestive issues and those bothersome morning sickness symptoms that often last way past morning. So you can relax and get back to more important matters. 

  • Tastes like:  Smooth and mellow with citrusy ginger goodness.
  • Naturally caffeine-free
  • Helps ease heartburn and nausea
  • Orange: One of the fruits women crave the most during pregnancy. Rich in vitamin C, orange helps boost expecting mom’s immune system.
  • Lemon: Eases nausea and contains key nutrients like iron, vitamin C and folic acid for baby's healthy immune system development.
  • Ginger: Rich in vitamin B6, ginger eases nausea and helps relieve digestion issues.