• Baby Monitors for Every Parent Style

    Which of these 8 new baby monitors is right for you?

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Believe it or not, I put off purchasing a baby monitor for almost a year. I work from home  and we co-sleep,  so my daughter was always close by. That worked great…until it didn’t. I found myself constantly tiptoeing around the house, afraid to go in the room and accidentally wake her, but concerned that she would start crying and I wouldn’t hear her right away.

    Why did I wait so long and subject myself to all this craziness? Well, baby monitors can represent a hefty investment. I wanted to make sure whatever I spent money on would be a perfect fit for our family, and there were just so many options. It seemed like there was no way to really pick the “best” one. I thought each of them kind of did the same thing, but there turned out to be a huge range of features available at every price point.

    After extensive research on the hot new monitors on the market, here are 8 of our favorite baby monitors and what makes each of them different:

    The Work-Outside-The-Home Mama: Motorola MBP854 CONNECT
    Motorola provides all of the best features that modern-day monitors have to offer. With Wi-Fi streaming capabilities, you can view your baby from anywhere using your phone, tablet, computer or the included parent unit. Remote pan, tilt and zoom ensure that you always have the best view. $219, buy here


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  • Things We've Read: Week of Feb. 27th, 2017

    Language Lessons Start In The Womb (NY Times): "As very young infants, babies are able to distinguish all the different sounds used in all the world's languages."

    This Birth Photographer Shamed A Woman For Having A C-Section (Refinery29): PSA: A birth via c-section still counts as giving birth.

    Chrissy Teigen Says She "Does It All" Because She "Has Help" (Huff Post): Women should not hold themselves to the standards set by celebrities because famous people have the privilege of big (and often expensive) support systems.

    Selling Your Home? How To Keep It “Show-Ready”—Even With Kids (Vogue): Easy tips to keep your home sparkly and sparse. 

    Couple's Ultrasound Reveals Coolest Baby Ever (Refinery29): This baby's already a rockstar.

    What Happens When Parents Are Rude In The Hospital (NY Times): This study showed that even mild unpleasantness was enough to affect doctors' and nurses' medical skills.

    Mom's Viral Post Shows How Expensive A Miscarriage Can Be (Huff Post): Miscarriage can take a serious emotional toll on a woman. But another burden, which often gets overlooked, is the financial cost.  

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  • What's the Best Pregnancy Calculator?

    If you’re performing mental gymnastics trying to make sense of your due date and your pregnancy timeline, you’re not alone. Due dates are not usually exact predictions, even when you’re calculating your pregnancy correctly. So how is it done? The official way of calculating your pregnancy due date is with Naegele’s Rule. With this formula, you can estimate the due date by adding one year, subtracting three months, and adding seven days to the first day of your last period. Or instead, you can check out one of these online pregnancy calculators that we found and loved.

    Best dressed: WebMD. This calculator puts its best foot forward. On the front page is a calendar for you to click the first date of your last period, making it easy to use by cutting right to the chase.

    Best sense of humor: The Bump. The Bump is generally known for throwing jokes and puns into its informative pieces on pregnancy, so if you’re looking for a lighter tone, visit here first.

    Most informative: Baby Med. Not only can you calculate your pregnancy timeline, but this website offers extensive info on ovulation, conception, and the science behind due date estimation.

    Most organized: Pampers. This one couldn’t be easier to navigate; it gives you everything you need without the fluff or distractions.

    Best personality: Belly Belly. Not only does this calculator do its job, it also offers insight into the virtue of patience when it comes to pregnancy and waiting for baby to arrive. Reading the articles linked to the calculator will help give you a relaxed perspective (if that’s possible!) on awaiting your due date.

    Biggest overachiever: American Pregnancy. Not only will this website give you an estimated due date, it will also tell you the estimated conception date, estimated gestational age, and your estimated fertility window.

    Most inspirational: Your Fertility. This calculator is for determining ovulation and your fertile days. The information it provides can be a huge help when you’re trying to get pregnant.

    Most school spirit: Babycenter. The Babycenter website is a major cheerleader for Team Pregnancy and it offers a long list of suggested articles, tailored to the trimester of pregnancy its calculator determines you to be in.  

    Most versatile: Your Due Date. How do you want to calculate your due date? This calculator has several different options to choose from, like first date of last period and IVF transfer date.

    Most likely to succeed: What To Expect. The “What To Expect” brand is such a mainstay, even women who’ve never been pregnant know the name. Their calculator is easy to use and is matched with an extensive FAQ section, along with the websites of every article on pregnancy that a person could imagine.

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  • The Revival of Mom Jeans

    That’s right, high-waisted mom jeans are cool now!

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    You’ve seen the SNL sketch “mom jeans” — a parody on what mama wears post baby. You know, the one where the three women prance around in jeans that come up to their belly-button, concealing a newly acquired pooch? Well the joke’s on us because ‘mom jeans’ have hit the fashion scene hard, and are now legitimately cool.

    Flattering when styled in the right way, this is some seriously good news for embracing postpartum style. A clear throwback to the 80s, scoop up a pair of this figure-flattering silhouette once you make it through to the other side of pregnancy. You’ll own your newly found curves while looking fashion forward. Here are our 5 favorite high-waist mom jeans.


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  • Things We've Read: Week of Feb. 20th, 2017

    Have We Lost Sight Of The Promise Of Public Schools? (NY Times): "We began moving away from the 'public' in public education a long time ago."

    A 7-Year-Old Girl Asked Google For A Job (Business Insider): From Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google: "I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school! :)"

    People Are LOL-ing Over This Couple's Blunt Pregnancy Announcement (Huff Post): This dad-to-be in a wheelchair showed off his sense of humor.

    Teaching Children To Play With Fire (NY Times): The debate around fire training. 

    The Bump Reveal: Stealth Vs Show (Vogue): "The casual 'Did I forget to mention I was growing a human?' approach seemed to be the way forward before Beyonce turned the pregnancy reveal game on its head."

    This Is What It Looks Like As A Woman's Organs Shift Inside Her During Pregnancy (Business Insider): Take a look at this GIF!!

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  • Keep Your Baby Entertained Indoors

    In case you don’t remember, the groundhog saw his shadow in early February, declaring six more weeks of winter. Whether or not you trust a small animal for your weather predictions, it’s good to be prepared for those cold, snowy days that February and March can bring. When the weather is at its worst, staying indoors with small children can drive you stir-crazy fast. Here are some ways to keep your little ones entertained all day long, and hopefully keep you sane in the process.

    Babies love ball. Crumple up old newspaper or wrapping paper into small, easy-to-handle balls and toss them around with your infant. A toddler will love trying to catch and throw the balls, too. Clean-up is easy: when you’re all done, bring out a paper bag and toss the “toys” into a recycle bin.

    Cook your way to playtime. Playdough is a perfect standby to give to your small kiddos, but if you want to extend the playtime, consider making the playdough yourself. There are countless recipes for playdough, cloud dough, and slime that are easy to make with simple ingredients that you probably have on hand already. A big bonus to making your own playdough is that you can make it 100% non-toxic.

    Have your kiddo create her own bling. Stringing together necklaces isn’t only fun (and time-consuming for the kids!), it’s a great fine motor activity for your child. It’s best suited for ages 18-24 months. Find string or yarn and large beads or thick pasta, and watch your child entertain himself.

    Clean-up time can be playtime, too. Maybe not when you legitimately have to get something clean, but your little one can at least pretend to help you when the stakes are low. Give him a water bottle to spray with and some rags and watch him get down to work (and play!).

    Boxes are a small child’s dream toy. Did you have a large package delivered recently? Bring the box into the living room, find a pair of scissors and some crayons, and create! Toddlers will be able to help color or design the box, and smaller babies will be interested in crawling and climbing through whatever you make. Some “Boxes for Beginners” ideas to start: a train, a ship, a playhouse, a dinosaur cave, a castle.

    Never underestimate the power of a dance party. On those days when you’re stuck inside and everything feels off, a dance party can seriously help you and your baby reset. Put on music you love, or check out more adult-friendly kid bands like The Not-Its and Recess Monkey for music that you won’t mind playing on repeat.

    Make your own music. If you’re feeling inspired, you can help your little one make her own instruments, like rain shakers out of rice and paper towel rolls. Or you can hand her a few wooden spoons and a set of bowls. She’ll love making “music,” and you can give yourself permission to put on your headphones during her “concert.”

    Let your baby play with his food. As moms, we’re often teaching our babies not to make a mess of dinner. But if your baby is wiggly and needs something different to do, set her in her high chair and give her small scoops of food for her to play with. A dollop of yogurt, some cooked (sauce-free) spaghetti, or tiny cut-up orange slices are all high-sensory foods that she can mess around with.

    Enjoy extended bathtime. Set your baby or toddler up in a warm, bubbly bath, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening. Let him play as long as he wants, and try giving him different toys to experiment with for water play.

    When’s the last time you made a pillow fort? It doesn’t need to be a high-tech fort, but making a small structure with a few pillows or cushions can be a lot of fun for a baby. Find a sheet to hang up and watch her crawl through and explore the new environment.

    Reading aloud is good for you and your baby. Cuddle up together with a stack of board books and read aloud together. Babies and toddlers love all kinds of books, and they don’t mind reading the same ones over and over, which means you don’t need a huge variety. Don’t be afraid to make silly voices and sounds, either.

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