Work From Home Parenting Tips

Article courtesy of Well Rounded NY

6 of our favorite enterprising mamas give us their sage advice on working from home. Working from home when baby arrives may sound like the dream (and it may be), but between feedings, diaper changes, figuring out nap schedules and just straight-up parenting, it takes time to ease into a steady balance of working and mom’ing.

Check out these insider secrets from 6 of our favorite work-from-home mamas:

Nicole Gonzalez (founder of Lillies & Leon): Working from home is no easy task. It’s so easy to get distracted with life. Babies, dishes, lunch time… while I can’t say I have found the perfect balance (it’s a myth people! 😉 I have found that setting aside specific time frames as well as having a “workspace” helps. We live in a small NYC apartment so creating an office is not an option. When the weather is nice I pop Lucas in his stroller and by the time we get to Starbucks (the extra two block walk to the one with outdoor seating is totally worth it!) he’s snoozing. I can get about 2 solid hours of work done and drink a latte in peace. When the weather isn’t great or it’s just one of those days where getting out of the house isn’t an option, I always try to set my laptop up at the dining room table or our small parsons desk – basically anywhere but the couch. I find it makes a huge difference in how productive I am during those short bursts of work time.

Jahje Ives (founder of Baby Jives): You have to decide what you are willing to give up both in your business and your personal life in order to achieve balance. Right now while my kids are young I am not willing to give up more than a few hours during the day with them because I started my business so I could stay home with them and experience this part of their life. So I have help a few hours a day when I can work without the distraction of kids and then I switch back into mom until I can work again after they go to sleep. It’s not an ideal schedule but it’s the one I choose right now and I know it won’t last forever.

Fleur Louise (co-founder of The Artful Bachelorette): I’m a Mama to two boys: Clark 2.5 years and August 6 months. I run The Artful Bachelorette from my ‘home office’ AKA: bed, bath and kitchen. I try and get all of my urgent work done between 7am-2pm while my eldest is at daycare. Trying to be organized and getting shit done while you have help is key. In the morning I usually do some cooking, cleaning, breast feeding with my little one, emailing, calls and most enjoyably eating, mostly all at once. It is all about multitasking.

Lindsay Meyer-Harley (founder of Darling Clementine): It’s not easy, but can be done. You’ve gotta be willing to work in short spurts, 10 minutes here, an hour there. You’ve got to get in the mentality of having a lot of projects open at once, that you work on here and there as you are able to, otherwise you’re in for a stressful day.

Raluca State (founder of Raluca State PR and What Would Gwyneth Do): Don’t try to multitask the personal and the professional. When it’s time to work, make sure your kids are out of the house or have childcare that can keep them occupied. When it’s time to mom, shut down the computer and close the office door (try your best to get an office door, if you can). Both areas will suffer if you’re trying to juggle them all at once. Don’t work in pajamas. You will be far more productive if you treat

Junia Montano (content manager & submissions editor at 100 Layer Cake): When I returned from maternity leave, I eased my way back into full time work, from my home office. The first couple of months were actually doable, because your baby sleeps for huge chunks at a time. Sadly, that fooled me into thinking that I had this all under control and could keep working full time from home indefinitely. After about 3 months, nap time became more of a game to see when she’d actually take them.

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