Winter Glow: Top 4 Hydration Tips

Staying hydrated might be front-and-center in your mind during the sunny summer season, but it’s crucial to keep the hydration habit going strong when the weather turns cold as well. Cold and flu season can be more easily combated with a strong immune system, which needs proper hydration to maintain. Pregnant women in particular need to focus on drinking lots of fluids, as keeping the bloodstream hydrated facilitates the absorption and transportation of important nutrients to the fetus. Proper hydration also staves off some of pregnancy’s less pleasant symptoms, including morning sickness, headaches, and hemorrhoids.

Luckily, providing your body–and baby–with enough fluids is as easy as sipping a soothing cup of tea or slapping on some luxuriously replenishing Nine Naturals Natural Belly Oil. Here are our top tips on staying hydrated during the winter for optimum health and glowing skin–pregnant or not!

1. Drink Up

Aim to drink about eight to twelve full glasses of water daily. For every half hour of light exercise, add another glass. Not craving cold water when you’re already feeling chilled? Hot herbal tea counts toward your overall fluid intake. Try ginger or peppermint varieties – both pregnancy-safe scents that help ease morning sickness and other tummy troubles. If you enjoy caffeinated tea, you’ll want to stick to about 200 mg or less of caffeine each day; that’s a little over two mugs of steeped black tea or around a 10 oz. cup of coffee.

2. Soup & Smoothies Equal Superfood

Are you on the bone broth bandwagon yet? This hydrating and healthful liquid gold can be sipped on its own or used as a base in a soup – just add nutritious veggies and a high quality protein, simmer and enjoy! We also like this curry noodle soup and this vegetable roast. Real juice, blended or cold-pressed, from fruits and vegetables efficiently and deliciously delivers vitamins and enzymes to your body’s cells too. Some of our favorite blends are this super-pregnancy smoothie and this fruit and juice pop. Also try Bundle Organics‘ dark berry veggie, kale apple lemon ginger, and orange berry carrot ginger organic prenatal juices, which are packed full of OBGYN-recommended nutrients for expecting and new moms.

3. Eat Your Fluids

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain water, too, not to mention vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more great stuff that does your body (and growing baby) need. If you’re pregnant, it’s also important to take a prenatal that meets your specific nutritional needs at each stage of the baby-growing game. Promise Prenatal Vitamins, which are formulated with just the right dosage of the right nutrients you need during each trimester, uses all-natural ingredients. Its Stage 2 + DHA is unique designed for 2nd and 3rd trimester, with increased vitamins as baby grows, and packed with Omega-3 DHA and Iron (to help avoid anemia).

4. Hydrate Outside-In

When outside air is cold, it contains less moisture, and as a result, so does your skin. This change causes your largest organ’s lipid-layer–the cells that retain moisture and protect it from elements–to become more susceptible to damage from harsh winds and UV rays. Indoor heat can further dry skin out. Pair these factors with the dryness that hormonal changes and stretching skin often create during pregnancy, and you may feel scaly, itchy and dry. Counter-attack with an air humidifier in your bedroom, and be sure to adjust your bodycare routine to give your skin a boost.  Nine Naturals’ Unscented Moisturizing Body Cream contains vitamin-rich plant extracts from broccoli seed, borage, and comfrey root that nourish your skin, help it to retain moisture and improve its elasticity. For chapped lips, try Nine Naturals’ Simply Natural Lip Balm, which contains organic butters and oils packed full of nutrients to help your lips retain moisture.

Water is the key to life. Make sure you and baby get enough hydration and nutrients this winter by using these tips. Win our ultimate hydration pack including Nine Naturals ultra-moisturizing skincare, Bundle Organics Prenatal Juice Blend Variety Pack, and Promise Prenatal Pregnancy Vitamins!

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