What will be 2014’s Baby Name Trends?

The New Year is here! And in the world of babies one of the most fun trends to follow is that of popular, unusual, surprising, creative and downright awesome baby names.

The baby name experts at Nameberry released their predictions for the trends to expect in 2014 baby names. Family history and tradition will stand out as a top inspiration source for new names, according to the predictions. So expect to see quite a few more Ethels, Gertrudes, and Wolfgangs at playdates in the new year.

More baby girls will be sporting traditional boys’ names as their middle names, a la Lucy Charles or Tabitha James. World leaders (Pope Francis I), Greek mythology (Persephone), and classic literature (Atticus, Huckleberry, Scarlett) will also inspire new parents in 2014.

Since sugar and spice make everything nice, expect for new 2014 parents to find ideas for baby names in their kitchen cupboards. Cinnamon, Rosemary, Saffron: all culinary delights that should now double as popular new baby names.

And what letter will most baby names start with this year? We’ll see “C” come up as the catchiest letter for new babies in 2014’s cribs and cradles: Clementine, Cedar, Cassius, Cyrus, et cetera.