Unisex Baby Names We Love

A unisex baby name is an excellent choice for your 2017 new arrival. Maybe you’re waiting to discover the sex of your baby, or perhaps you’d like a name without unyielding feminine or masculine associations. Whether you’re leaning toward the classic and traditional or the cutting-edge and funky, there are plenty of fabulous unisex names for every little boy or girl. We’ve rounded up our 15 favorite unisex names for you to add to your baby name shortlist.

Avery: This name has been rising in popularity over the past ten years and has been materializing all over popular culture. Avery is of English origin and means “ruler of the elves:” a whimsical choice for either sex.  

Parker: Another name of English origin, Parker is an occupational name meaning “park keeper.” To date, Parker is used as a name for both boys or girls in nearly equal measure.

Sawyer: The name Sawyer might evoke images of Mark Twain characters, but Sawyer is being given to girls with nearly as much frequency as boys in recent years.

Albany: Place-based names always have a dedicated following, and Albany (of the New York state capital, of course) is a unique and stately choice.

Hadley: This name means “heather field,” and while Heather is more associated as a female name today, Hadley can easily go either way.

Cyan: The color cyan is a gorgeous greenish-blue, and the name is equally mysterious and rare-sounding. “Cy” as a nickname could also work well for either gender.

Addison: Addison has been rising on the popularity charts in the past few years. Though its meaning is “son of Adam,” it’s been used across the board for girls and for boys.

Lyric: This name works wonderfully for music-loving families especially, or for any parents who want a melodic name for either boy or girl. The name originates from the Greek word for “lyre” and has strong musical connotations.

Reese: Thanks to actress Reese Witherspoon, this name is slightly more popular for girls than for boys, but it is still a definitively unisex name. The name Reese means “ardor,” which is a captivating association for both genders.

Marley: The name Marley is a unique choice for boys and girls, and though it is not in the lists of trendiest names, we think it’s due for a comeback. Meaning “pleasant seaside meadow,” the name Marley has a calm and distinctive ring to it.

Merritt: With roots as a surname, Merritt has enjoyed a small surge as a unisex first name. With an unmistakable classic flair, the name Merritt can also be spelled Merit, as in the noun meaning “advantage” or “virtue.”

Kai: A bold name, Kai is a multicultural unisex name that boasts different meanings. According to nameberry.com, Kai means “sea” in Hawaiian, “forgiveness” in Japanese, “food” in Maori, and “willow tree” in Navajo.

Shiloh: The name Shiloh comes from Hebrew origins and is actually a Biblical place-name. It’s a relatively uncommon name, which is perfect for parents who want a rarer name for their baby girl or boy.

Sage: On the other hand, the name Sage is increasingly popular and is given in equal measure to both boys and girls alike. This monosyllabic herbal name is striking and fearless, and immediately brings to mind wisdom and great intellect.

Morgan: Welsh in its origin, Morgan has climbed the charts as a girl's name more quickly than for boys, but is beginning to even out. The name has many connotations, from Arthurian legends to the Morgan horse, yet remains a familiar name for boys and girls.