Track Baby’s Vision – Infant Visual Development by Nine Naturals + Comotomo

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like through your babys eyes? Now you can follow along, with this timeline of baby’s vision development, courtesy of our friends at Comotomo, baby bottle and teethers brand.

Just like walking or talking, babies must learn to see over a period of time. The ability to focus eyes, move them accurately, use them together as a team, and process visual information in the brain to understand the world and respond accordingly happens over a span of a few months.

NewbornVision: 0.03 degrees

A newly born baby can only distinguish light and darkness. Immediately after birth, a newborn can only see about 7-10 inches of her surroundings. She neither can recognize a figure nor distinguish different colors. After 1 month, baby will be able to see within a 3 feet range and eye-hand coordination improves significantly during this phase too. She may slowly to attempt to grab or reach for moving objects that picked up in her visual field.

2 months Vision: 0.03-0.05 degrees

At this stage, the baby can recognize an overall shape. She can also keep her eyes open for a longer period of time–now we can gaze at those beautiful eyes! Her eye movement starts to coordinate with moving objects in a corresponding way. During this phase, encourage your little one to crawl and actively move around. This will definitely help her to further develop eye-hand coordination.

3 months to 4 monthsVision: 0.03 0.05 degrees

At 3 to 4 months, babies can focus in on an object and make direct eye contact with people. As her vision continues to gets sharper and more colorful, this is a great opportunity to introduce a wide spectrum of colors. Try offering different color toys and teethers. We love Comotomo’s fun-shaped BPA-free teethers.

5 months to 7 months  –  Vision: 0.05 degrees

Based on her accumulated experiences and memories, the baby will be able to start recognizing an object from a distance and perceive it in a three dimensional form. By the time she reaches 6 months, her vision development will be almost complete, with heightened depth perception. She will be able to see objects with nearly the level of clarity and sharpness as a fully developed adult. They grow up so fast.

Imagine how it would feel to be introduced to a whole new world, and see things for the first time. As parents, its important for us to stimulate babys vision development at the right stages, introducing our little ones to a spectrum of colors, shapes and movements. Tag us in your newborn’s developmental adventures using #NineNaturals!