ToteSavvy: Nine Naturals Beauty Products Are Epic Mother’s Day Gifts

ToteSavvy recently included Nine Naturals beauty products on their list of “Epic Mother’s Day Gifts”. They noted,

“With all the new research surrounding harsh chemicals found in beauty products and the long term effect it has on own bodies, it’s hard not to be scared to reach for your daily body cream (or even deodorant!). When we learned of Nine Naturals we were incredibly excited and relieved. Nine Naturals beauty products are made from only natural ingredients (they even list every ingredient and what it is on their website!) that are good for your body and non-toxic.

In addition to being 100% safe, these products smell delicious (yes!) and come in beautifully designed containers that make you feel like you’re using something straight out of a fancy spa. We particularly love their Citrus + Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Safe Shampoo (Amen to pregnancy safe!) and Natural Unscented Pregnancy Safe Deodorant. There’s nothing better than feeling pampered and knowing your baby and body are safe.”

Thanks ToteSavvy! Read more to find what else is on their list of epic Mother’s day gifts and head over to @totesavvy instagram to enter!


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