Top Gifts for Expectant Dads

What better way to celebrate your baby-to-be by surprising your expectant dad with some gifts that get him ready for the baby!  Here are our top gift ideas for dads-to-be:

1) Getting him prepared: For all the books written about pregnancy, there are only a few written specifically for dads-to-be.  Our favorite is “The Expectant Father” by Armin Brott. This book will give him great tips for coping with a pregnant, hormonal wife and also on how to be helpful to you throughout the nine months and when the baby arrives! Find it on Amazon.

2) For the hospital: Something to add to the “go-bag” – we love these cute “I’m the Daddy” scrubs for dad to wear at the hospital. (

3) For close bonding with the baby: A baby carrier is a necessity for on-the-go parents. We suggest getting dad his own carrier in masculine colors so that he can keep it adjusted to his size and to encourage him to carry the baby and build a bond through close physical contact. One of our favorite carriers is the Beco Gemini, which allows you to carry the baby facing forward, backward, on your hip or on your back.

4) For going out with baby: Many dads might cringe at the thought of wearing a floral, colorful, feminine diaper bag. Get the expectant dad in your life a tote he won’t be embarrassed to carry – one that has a more masculine style but is just as useful for carrying all of baby’s necessities. There is actually a company called Diaper Dude that makes functional bags for dad. We also like unisex styled bags from Eddie Bauer, Skip Hop, and SoYoung Modern Family.

5) Dress baby for daddy: Anything that encourages daddy to get involved with the task of caring for baby is a great gift in our minds. Make getting the baby dressed fun for dad by getting baby clothes that the expectant dad in your life will be excited to put on the baby.

Any dad-to-be who loves sports is certainly looking forward to watching games with his new son or daughter. Get baby sports apparel that matches dad’s favorite team. We found cute ones on

Personalized onesies with phrases like “Daddy’s Little Princess” or “Dad’s All-Star” are perfect for the proud and doting father.  You can find cute, yet affordable ones at Carter’s.

6) Natural Skincare for Dad Too! Don’t forget that when the baby arrives, the baby will have a lot of skin-to-skin contact with your husband as well.  Wouldn’t it be great to know that what your husband is putting on his skin is natural as well?  Check out natural line, BullDog Skincare for Men, no-fuss, masculine, but natural alternative.

7) Activities for Daddy and Baby: Look for baby activity classes in your area that host classes when dad can attend, such as in the late afternoons on a Friday if dad can get out of the office early or on the weekends. Buy a gift certificate for a class so when the baby gets old enough, dad can sign up for a class with the baby! We’re a big fan of music classes and swim classes that allow dad to play with baby during the class. Your local community center is a great place to start to research classes or ask other moms who are familiar with the classes in your neighborhood.

While you’re at it, why not pamper yourself as well? Read our top gift ideas for moms-to-be!