Things We've Read: Week of Sep. 5th, 2016

The Book That Taught Me What I Want To Teach My Daughter (The New Yorker): We should teach our children “not the little virtues but the great ones,” - the Italian author, Natalia Ginzburg 

Can You Safely Lose Weight While Breast-Feeding? (NY Times): Best strategies for weight loss that will not jeopardize milk supply

Why Doesn't Keeping Up With The Kardashians Show The Nannies? (NY Mag): "I often wonder, Where are the nannies? I know they exist. Why, in a show that is pretty often groundbreaking and transparent and “real,” are they invisible?"

Why A Chemical Banned From Soap Is Still In Your Toothpaste (NY Times): "That's because Colgate Total convinced the FDA that the benefit of triclosan in toothpaste outweighs any risks."

UK Government To Ban Microbeads From Cosmetics By End Of 2017 (Guardian): Another victory but more needs to be done to cover microplastics in all down the drain products.

The Woolly Wisdom In The "Llama Llama" Books (NY Times): Understanding the challenges of childhood in rhyme

Depressing Study Finds Even 3-Year-Olds Have Body Image Issues (Huff Post): "And some 4-year-olds are aware of strategies to lose weight."