Things We've Read: Week of Oct. 9th, 2017

Why Aren't We Talking About Pre-Baby Bodies? (Refinery29): We train for marathons. Should we be training for childbirth?

Olivia Wilde’s Post For Her Daughter’s Birthday Is Filled With Girl Power (Huff Post): "We dream of a time when you won't have to apologize for your brilliance, or sacrifice your self-respect to prove your worthiness. This world is yours, kiddo."

Rural Maternity Wards Are Closing, And Women’s Lives Are On The Line (Huff Post): "From 2004 to 2014, 9 percent of all rural counties lost access to hospital obstetric services, and more than half of all rural counties in this country are now without a single local hospital where women can get prenatal care and deliver babies."

Fear The Blanket, Not The Germs (NY Times): A grandparent recalls generational differences in parenting.