Things We've Read: Week of Oct. 3rd, 2016

Children's Books That Tackle Race And Ethnicity (NY Times): Introducing more diversity in children's books

This New Mom Was Charged To Hold Her Baby In The Operating Room (Refinery29): "As annoying as that $39.35 may seem, that's apparently what it costs to make sure the mother and baby have a chance to bond quickly and safely."

A Flu Season Without FluMist? (NY Times): For the first time since FluMist was introduced 13 years ago, everyone is supposed to get the shot.

Niche Maternity Retailers Surge As Millennial Moms Redefine The Category (Fast Company): Today’s first-time moms put a premium on comfort and fashionably showing off their bump.

How Michelle Obama Quietly Changed What Americans Eat (Vox): Mrs. Obama's advocacy and the fight against childhood obesity.

Moms Are Totally Relating To Jessica Biel's Unusual Instagram Post (Huff Post): The multitasking #MomLife

Do Hurricanes Really Induce Labor? (The Atlantic): "...That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway, among those who swear that pregnant women go into labor, en masse, during major storms."