Things We've Read: Week of Oct. 31st, 2016

Can A Child Drink Too Much Milk? (NY Times): Everything is better in moderation.

New Report Finds That Child Care In America Doesn't Work (Huff Post): "Instead, families, providers, and policymakers in every state make difficult compromises that often shape family decisions and can determine the course of children’s futures."

Do Your Kid A Favor: Be An Imperfect Parent (NY Mag): "You don’t have to be wise and honorable every second of every day just because you’re a parent. Every single weak moment doesn’t mean that you’re failing."

Look Out. The Dutch Have A New Stroller For You (Fast Company): Check out the Joolz—an ergonomic, eco-conscious, high-design baby carriage.

7 Simple Steps To Raising Strong, Powerful And Amazing Daughters (Huff Post): "Because you took the time to raise daughters in a mindful way letting them know they are just perfect exactly as they are."

How To Deal With Digital Distractions (NY Times): We live in a world of screens, where digital distractions contend with our need to learn. Is multitasking a good idea?

The Loneliness Of Being A Stay-At-Home Dad (The Atlantic): Different perspectives from a stay-at-home dad versus those of a stay-at-home mom.