Things We've Read: Week of Oct. 24th, 2016

The Fear Of Having A Son (NY Times): "If I have a boy I will embrace the challenge of raising a boy…who can learn the power of vulnerability even as male culture tries to make him see it as weakness."

Forget Detention, What Kids Really Need Is Yoga (GOOD): "What can yoga do for a student? Teach them that their strength is unlimited."

Study Finds Work-Life Balance Could Be A Matter Of Life And Death (Fast Company): "People often complain that their job is killing them, or that they’re working themselves to death, but new research suggests there may be more truth to those clichés than we realize."

I Had No Sympathy For Working Moms Till I Became One (NY Mag): "Before I became pregnant and invested in my own survival, I didn’t have a clue what she was going through just to maintain her life. I was not alone: Absolutely no one seemed to care about her situation."

How To Raise Healthy Human Beings In A World Of Screens (Fast Company): If we want our kids to sleep well, be healthy, and have strong relationships, we need to think beyond "turn it off," writes a pediatrician.

A Princess With Integrity: The Things I Want My Daughter To Know (Huff Post): "But I want my daughter to know that being of good character will always adorn her with a crown of glory, and that being a princess is truly a matter of the heart.

CMV Is A Greater Threat To Infants Than Zika, But Far Less Often Discussed (NY Times): "CMV is the most common congenital viral infection and the leading nongenetic cause of deafness in children."