Things We've Read: Week of Nov. 28th, 2016

Moana Is A Big, Beautiful Disney Smash (The Atlantic): Be prepared for a "Let It Go"-level catchy soundtrack and stunning visuals.

This Mom's Letter To Her Sons (Upworthy): "We want you to dream, work, plan, partner, and use every good thing you are to create a life worth loving...But I have to be honest. As your mother, I want more. In this world where women and girls still struggle for equal regard and opportunity, I want your help ... and your commitment."

Zika Looms In Asia, Tempered By A Fuller View Of Its Dangers (NY Times): "Scientists say that tropical Asian countries' long experience with mosquito-borne diseases may help their response." 

When Finnish Teachers Work In America's Public Schools (The Atlantic): There are more restrictions to professional freedom in the United States, and the educators find the school day overly rigid.

How To Give An I.R.A. To Children Without Giving Up Control (NY Times): Learn about trusteed I.R.A.s and how they can help you.

How This Mom's Selfie With Chopped Celery Sums Up Parenthood (Huff Post): “What we do isn’t as important as how we make our children feel.”

Did Matt Lauer Pregnancy-Shame Savannah Guthrie On Today? (Refinery29): Every woman's body changes during pregnancy, and that should never be a punchline.