Things We've Read: Week of Nov. 14th, 2016

Baby Food Companies Market Their Junk Food Instead Of Their Healthy Alternatives (Co.Exist): At each step, this report shows, the food manufacturers hawk pureed junk at our kids, almost always going against the recommendations of child nutrition experts.

Should You Spy On Your Kids? (NY Times): Is there such a thing as responsible spying on loved ones?

If You Only Knew The Amazing Things Your Child Does In School All Day (Huff Post): For your little girl, the responsibilities are only beginning, and she is up to the challenge.

America's Top Employers Still Lag Far Behind On Basic Family Leave Policies (Fast Company): Except for a few standouts, a majority of the U.S.'s largest employers are still failing to offer family leave policies.

Science Discovers A Plus To Getting Pregnant Later In Life (Yahoo!): According to a recent study, getting pregnant after 35 could actually improve your memory. 

'Night Owls' May Face Special Challenges (NY Times): Our bodies run on a central clock, operating out of your brain, controlling circadian rhythms, the internal 24-hour cycles of sleeping and waking, eating and activity, and all the rest.

Take The Test: Am I A Helicopter Parent? (BBC): What type of parent are you? And what can science tell you about being as effective as you can be?