Things We've Read: Week of May 22nd, 2017

Most Men Ask Their Phone For Advice Before Dad, So Gillette Made An App For That (Fast Company): The brand’s new Father’s Day ad, “Go Ask Dad” is most definitely trying to make grown men cry.

The Internet Is Losing It Over This Dad's Story About A Literal Toddler Poop Storm (Refinery29): As any parent probably knows, life with a toddler is never that simple.

Why This Clinic For Moms With Postpartum Depression Is A Game Changer (Huff Post): The staff has set out to treat disorders many people don’t like to discuss.

Pediatricians Say No Fruit Juice In Child's First Year (NY Times): The nation's top pediatricians are advising parents to stop giving fruit juice to children in the first year of life, saying the drink is not as healthful as many parents think. 

Behind The Poem That So Powerfully Captures Parenting In Times Of Tragedy (Huff Post): “Life is short, though I keep this from my children,” the powerful poem begins.  

Big Update: THIS Is When People Are Having Their First Babies Now (Refinery29): For the first time, women in America are having children in their early 30s more than they are in their 20s.