Things We've Read: Week of Mar. 20th, 2017

The Guilty Secret Of Distracted Parenting (NY Times): "We're distractible because tending young children day after day after day can wear you down."

Why Kids Shouldn't Sit Still In Class (NY Times): "We need to recognize that children are movement-based"--Brian Gatens, superintendent of schools in Emerson, NJ. 

Mom Organizes 'Nurse-In' At IKEA After Negative Breastfeeding Experience (Huff Post): A Florida mom organized a “nurse-in” at her local IKEA after a negative breastfeeding experience highlighted some flaws in the store’s offerings for families.

Siri Helps Hero 4-Year-Old Save His Unconscious Mom's Life (Huff Post): The power of Siri and one little boy's quick thinking.

Exercising While Pregnant Is Almost Always A Good Idea (NPR): Moderation is the goal. 

Texas Bill Could Allow Doctors To Withhold Information From Pregnancy Women (NYPost): This controversial bill would prevent a mother from suing her doctor if she gave birth to a deformed or disabled child – even if the doctor knew of the potential condition and didn’t tell the parents.

Want To Fix Schools? Go To the Principal's Office (NY Times): "Principals create the environment. They create a culture of accountability. They create a sense of community. And none of us, nationally, ever debate principals."--Rahm Emanuel, Chicago's mayor.