Things We've Read: Week of Mar. 13th, 2017

These Second Graders Write Really Funny Sympathy Cards After Teacher’s Father Dies (Huff Post): Their hearts were in the right place.

Are We Raising Racists? (NY Times): "But raising children who are resilient for justice and able to do their part to create an inclusive society takes more, especially now."

Why The "Fearless Girl" Statue Is Kinda Bull (Huff Post): "If the goal is gender equality, State Street's women stats are terrible."

The Most Valuable Thing A Parent Can Do For Their Kids (Oprah): "One of our toughest jobs as parents is to allow our kids to weather life’s storms."

Kids Are Getting Older Quicker. And Disney Tries To Adapt. (NY Times): Disney's latest show represents a new direction for the company. 

"Mommy, Come Wipe Me!" And Other Perils Of Working From Home (NY Times): Other parents relate to moments of disruptions as experienced by a professor interviewed by BBC last week (and shot to viral fame this week).

This Before & After Makes A Great Point About Pregnant Bodies (Refinery29): There is no perfect way to have a pregnancy.