Things We've Read: Week of Jun 19th, 2017

The 395 Kids Philando Castile Left Behind (Huff Post): Children are asking for answers their parents don’t have.

From Breastfeeding To Gender Neutrality: Unicode’s New Emojis Are Signs Of The Times (Fast Company): The new 5.0 set includes a woman breastfeeding a baby!

How To Raise A Reader (NY Times): The benefits of reading at every stage of a child's development are well documented.

Cranky Baby? Feeding May Not Be The Right Answer (NY Times): Part of the equation is whether the baby is actually hungry, or whether parents are providing food at any sign of distress.

What Do Men Do On Paternity Leave? Become Dads (Refinery29): “Society seems to still be amazed by the man who wants to be an active dad. People will say, oh it’s Mr. Mom, but they’re doing what they can and should be doing, as opposed to doing something heroic by taking on what is a female role.”

A Viral Photo Of A Calm Dad And A Screaming Toddler Holds An Important Parenting Lesson (Upworthy): The emotional health of our children is certainly worth a few weird stares from people we'll never seen again.