Things We've Read: Week of July 4th, 2016

For U.S. Parents, A Troubling Happiness Gap (NY Times): A greater happiness penalty because of differences in family-friendly social policies

Why Is The New York Times Hair-Shaming Moms? (Refinery29): "Here's the things about 'mom hair.' The New York Times  was trolling us. It doesn't really exist."

Postpartum Anxiety Might Be Even More Common Than PPD (Huff Post): Anxiety may affect new mothers greater than they or their healthcare providers realize

Why Aren't We Managing Children's Pain? (NY Times): "Pain in children has long been misunderstood and medical training in pain management is scant."

The Adorable Reason This Toddler Loves His Diaper Packaging So Much (Huff Post): Representation in packaging in this adorable attachment

Navigating Fertility Clinics With A Click (NY Times): FertilityIQ provides extensive assessments of doctors, clinics and treatment protocols to help patients navigate and make those important decisions. 

The End Of Maternity Leave As We Know It (Huff Post): The rise of equal parental leave policy for both new moms and dads.