Things We've Read: Week of Jan. 2nd, 2017

Fed Your Kids Peanuts, Early And Often, New Guidelines Urge (NY Times): New national health guidelines call for parents to give their children foods containing peanuts early and often, starting when they're infants, as a way to help avoid life-threatening peanut allergies. 

Ugh: The Motherhood Penalty Starts Before Women Even Get Pregnant (Huff Post): A new study shows that some elite firms don’t think women make good employees because they’ll have babies... someday.

Pregnant Complication Tied To Eye Problems Later In Life (NY Times): Pre-eclampia--the pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and potential organ damage--is linked to eye problems in the mother later in life. 

The Creepiest New Corner Of Instagram: Role-Playing With Stolen Baby Photos (Fast Company): Parents say it’s a form of digital kidnapping. Instagram isn’t sure what to say.

Tech Companies Love To Invent Pregnancy Gadgets That Most Women Don't Really Need (Slate): One mom's take on the usefulness of technology that gives us ever more data about the ongoings of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Taught Me To Speak Up For Myself (Scary Mommy): "Because the truth is that I am the only expert when it comes to parenting my daughter."