Things We've Read: Week of Feb. 27th, 2017

Language Lessons Start In The Womb (NY Times): "As very young infants, babies are able to distinguish all the different sounds used in all the world's languages."

This Birth Photographer Shamed A Woman For Having A C-Section (Refinery29): PSA: A birth via c-section still counts as giving birth.

Chrissy Teigen Says She "Does It All" Because She "Has Help" (Huff Post): Women should not hold themselves to the standards set by celebrities because famous people have the privilege of big (and often expensive) support systems.

Selling Your Home? How To Keep It “Show-Ready”—Even With Kids (Vogue): Easy tips to keep your home sparkly and sparse. 

Couple's Ultrasound Reveals Coolest Baby Ever (Refinery29): This baby's already a rockstar.

What Happens When Parents Are Rude In The Hospital (NY Times): This study showed that even mild unpleasantness was enough to affect doctors' and nurses' medical skills.

Mom's Viral Post Shows How Expensive A Miscarriage Can Be (Huff Post): Miscarriage can take a serious emotional toll on a woman. But another burden, which often gets overlooked, is the financial cost.