Things We've Read: Week of Dec. 26th, 2016

Why We Should Continue To Read Aloud To Older Children (Huff Post): Important reasons why parents should continue to read out loud to their tweens. 

Pregnancy Fluid Reverses Ageing Bones (BBC News): Cells in the amniotic fluid that surrounds a developing baby can revive ageing and weak bones, say UK scientists.

How American Babies Behave Differently From Infants In Other Cultures (Huff Post): American babies, for instance, were more social and impulsive than babies from the other countries, and they were also the most likely to enjoy highly stimulating activities.

The 20 Best Family Films Of 2016, From 'Arrival' To 'Zootopia' (Washington Post): Films that entertained us, made us think and gave us plenty to talk about. At the same time, these films offered worthwhile messages, modeled important character strengths and left us with beautiful images to ooh and aah over.

Marriage May Help You Survive A Stroke (NY Times): Studies have shown "how our social relationships can have immediate and lasting consequences for our health."

Carrie Fisher’s Birth Announcement In 1992 Captured Her Signature Humor (Huff Post): Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher.

The Family Footsteps We Follow (NY Times): "The glory of a close family is that you never lack for cheerleaders, enveloping you in support. The flip side is that you never lack for judges, weighing you down with expectations."