Things We've Read: Week of Dec. 12th, 2016

Why Parents And Doctors Should Think About A.D.H.D In Preschool (NY Times): "Trying to decide whether a 4-year-old’s activity level or attention span is truly problematic can raise a challenging mix of questions and concerns about children being medicated for behaving, well, like children."

The SNOO Baby Sleeper: The Best Crib Most Parents Can Only Dream About (Fast Company): From the pediatrician who reinvented swaddling comes the most advanced baby sleeping solution ever. But does it work?

Mom Gives Daughter's Princess Book An Empowering Spin (Huff Post): “Why wouldn’t Cinderella have sparkly shoes AND be a neurosurgeon?”

Parents Of Successful Kids Have These 12 Things In Common (Business Insider): While there isn't a set recipe for raising successful children, psychology research has pointed to a handful of factors that predict success.

Moms Reach Out To Chrissy Teigen After She Posts Video Of Luna With Irritated Cheeks (Refinery29): "Yes she has rosy eczema cheeks," Teigen wrote. "Yes we are taking care of it, no it's not a gluten allergy, no it's not our makeup, no it's not from our perfume, yes she's just a baby."

23 Gifts That Empower Kids To Take Over The World (Huff Post): Gifts to inspire children to be strong and kind, follow their dreams and embrace who they are.

What Would It Sound Like If Men Got The Same Advice We Give To Working Moms? (Upworthy): Being a parent of any gender is really hard, but it's the moms who get all the extra pressure and all the horrible advice that goes along with it.