Things We've Read: Week of Aug 7th, 2017

This Startup Wants To Kill The “Mommy Track” Once And For All (Fast Company): Women seeking flexibility shouldn’t have to compromise their career goals, say Werk cofounders Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean.

Motherhood Isn't Sacrifice, It's Selfishness (NY Times): "By reframing motherhood as a privilege, we redirect agency back to the mother, empowering her, celebrating her autonomy instead of her sacrifice."

Too Many Pregnant Women Are Dying In Rural America (Refinery29):  Pregnant people in rural areas of the U.S. died of pregnancy-related complications 64% more often in 2015 than people in urban areas, according to the WSJ . 

Sleep Problems In Pregnancy Tied To Premature Births (NY Times): A new study suggests that women with insomnia or other sleep problems may have an increased risk of giving birth prematurely.