Things We've Read: Week of Aug 21st, 2017

What We Can Learn About Being A Good Ally From This Little Girl (Refinery29): “I’ll never forget what my daughter said after her best friend was subjected to a racist comment on the school bus one afternoon,” Stafford wrote. “'I asked her if she was okay,’ my child said tearfully. ‘She didn’t say anything, so I just scooted closer.’ Reluctantly, she admitted, ‘I didn’t know what to do, Mama, so I just hurt with her.’

The Best Infant Car Seat (The Wirecutter): The best infant car seat according to The Wirecutter after 50 hours of research, including testing and crash-testing several popular brands. 

The Downside Of Checking Kids' Grades Constantly (NY Times): "When we focus our attention on real-time, up-to-the-second reporting on the portal, we elevate the false idols of scores and grades and devalue what really has an impact on learning: positive student-teacher relationships, relevance and student engagement."

This Sweet Comic Strip About Kids Growing Up Is Hitting Parents Hard (Huff Post): A sweet comic strip about how fast kids grow up.