Things We've Read: Week of Aug. 1st, 2016

Pregnant In Miami With Zika On The Loose (The Atlantic): "Right now, it seems like all pregnant women in Miami can do is hide, and hope."

8 Moms Share Their Worst Bad Mom Moments (Vogue): Some moms share their Bad Mom moments.

What Babies Know About Physics And Foreign Languages (NY Times): "The kind of teaching that comes with schools and 'parenting' pushes children toward imitation and away from innovation."

Why One LA Mom Is Embracing "Hypno-Parenting" (Huff Post): Some experts are skeptical about whether this is appropriate for kids

Putting Your Baby To Sleep: Some Advice And Good News (NY Times): A good night's sleep makes almost everything better

How Working Moms Boost Productivity (Fast Company): Boosting productivity in the workplace

Four Easy Sunny-Day Hairstyles (NY Times): Instagrammable, summer hair inspirations