Things We've Read: Week of Apr. 24th, 2017

How Working Women And Families Have Fared After 100 Days of Trump (Fast Company): A look at the progress (and lack thereof) on policies for women after President Trump's first 100 days in office.

Mom Opens Up About Why She Was In Denial About Postpartum Depression (Huff Post): “We need to talk about this issue and bring it to the light so that mothers know they don’t need to suffer in silence.”

Beyonce 3.0: The Maternal Ideal (NY Times): "The reimagining of Mrs. Knowles-Carter not just as the Queen of Sound, or as a Black Lives Matter activist who uses her celebrity to speak up, but as the Mother of Us All"

7 Raw Photos Uncover A Rarely-Talked About Side Of Breastfeeding (NSFW) (Refinery29): Leah DeVun's series In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction.

There Is A Right Way to Wash Your Hair (NY Times): Tips from Christophe Robin, the star Parisian colorist, on how to shampoo for maximal volume and shine.

How Child Care Enriches Mothers, And Especially The Sons They Raise (NY Times): Aid for high-quality care has the biggest economic payoff for parents and their children--and even their grandchildren. 

A Dad Took His Daughter On A Trip, Just The Two Of Them (Upworthy): "Though I always acted as a cheerleader by my wife’s side, I think I felt left out of the overall experience. My daughter naturally sticks to her mum more, and her father is always a second option or a third. On a dedicated trip out there with my little one with minimal distractions, I finally had the opportunity to be a full parent."