Things We’ve Read: Week of Sept. 30th, 2013

Uncertain Inheritance: Transgenerational Effects of Environmental Exposures (Environmental Health Perspectives): Scientists are studying the effects chemical exposures can have over multiple generations.

Longer Maternity Leave Not So Great for Women After All (Time Magazine): Turns out women in those Nordic countries with luxurious maternity leaves get mommy-tracked when they go back to work

Breast-Feeding Services Lag Behind the Law (NYTimes): Despite laws under the Affordable Care Act implemented to support breastfeeding mothers, many new mothers have found it nearly impossible to get timely help for breast-feeding problems since Jan. 1, when health insurers began updating their coverage.

Ah, There’s Nothing Like New Baby Smell (NYTimes): The smell of a newborn has the same dopamine effects on a woman’s brain as doing coke.

Consumption of fish may have little effect on mercury levels in pregnant women (CBS News): A new study finds that fish consumption by pregnant women may only contribute to 7% of their blood mercury levels.

Fourth Trimester Bodies Project (Co.Create): These photos show what women really look like after pregnancy