Things We’ve Read: Week of Sept. 16th, 2013

Four Ways to Tell if Natural Childbirth is Right for You (The Stir): What factors you should consider, such as pain tolerance and your support system in assessing whether natural childbirth is right for you.

Drinking Milk in Pregnancy May Lead to Taller Children (NYTimes): A study in Denmark about the impact of milk during pregnancy on the height of children. The study suggests, in fact, yes, the women who drank milk during pregnancy had slightly taller children than those who did not.

Can You Really Balance it All? ( Nina Garcia shares her advice on balancing it all with her top tips for staying on top of a high pressure career and motherhood.

The Simple Test that Saved my Baby (NYTimes):  How a simple, inexpensive test for congenital heart problems can save a newborns life and the debate over whether it should be required by law to be administered to all newborns.

Vogue’ Breastfeeding Shoot is Pretty Fearless (HuffPo): HuffPo’s Style addresses this controversial photo shoot! What do you think?