Things We’ve Read: Week of Oct. 27th, 2014

Laid Off While Pregnant (Glamour): How to handle the emotional stress of being let go of your job while pregnant, and how to manage the new reality.

This Free App Knows Exactly What’s in Your Food (TIME): After three years, the EWG has launched a new app which rates more than 80,000 packaged foods from 1,500 brands.

5 Pregnancy Tips for Having Healthier Babies (Rodale News): This article gives five tips on how to aid in the process of keeping your body healthy for you and your growing baby.

Unequal Societies Give an Incentive for Pushy Parenting (New York Times): A view on trends in parenting styles and how societal environments influence those trends.

Pregnancy Doesn’t Actually Make Women Dumber (NY Magazine): Research into the term “baby brain” and whether the condition is fact or myth.

Will 2015 be the year of full product ingredient disclosure? (Environmental Defense Fund): New corporate resolutions suggest advancements in ingredient transparency for household products, hopefully in the near future.

SC Johnson Announces Plans to Disclose Product-Specific Fragrance Ingredients (SC Johnson): SC Johnson will soon provide fragrance ingredient information on products, acting as one of the first major U.S. consumer packaged goods companies to take part in the movement.

Women’s Power Convinces Corporate Giants to Come Clean on Fragrance (Women’s Voices for the Earth): Women’s initiatives since 2007 for ingredient transparency in household products is seeing a major victory as advancements in product labeling are visibly on the horizon.