Things We’ve Read: Week Of Oct. 20th, 2014

Pollution in pregnancy linked to lung damage in child (Yahoo News): A study finds that air pollutants can affect the lung development of a growing fetus.

Many Young Pregnant Women Need Better Dental Care (HuffPost): Hormonal changes while pregnant position you to becoming more susceptible to oral health problems, making visits to the dentist an important priority.

Facebook is the secret to heart-to-heart parenting (The Boston Globe): How one father attributes Facebook with opening the lines of communication with his daughter, ultimately bringing them closer.

10 pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore (Fox News): Though big changes in your body are perfectly normal during pregnancy, there are certain symptoms that could stem from a more serious source or circumstance, and should always be looked into.

Why Now Is the Right Time to Discuss Paid Maternity Leave (Vogue): A look into the lacking support of working women on maternity leave, and how some companies are making moves and giving hope that the issue will soon reach a legislative level.

This 30-Something Is Ending The Duel Between Work And Motherhood (Forbes): Producer and mother, Kate McMahon, gives in-depth insight on finding the balance between a career and motherhood.

The Beauty Of The Baby Bump (Daily Mail): A series of photographs are taken in celebration of pregnancy in all its natural beauty and strength.

NYC Life Coach Debuts Conscious Parenting Advice by the Hour (Good Morning America – Yahoo): New York-based life coach, Melanie Rudnick, shares advice on how not being so hard on yourself can help you become a better parent.

Preparing a Child to Own a Mobile Phone — But Not Always Use It (The New York Times): One mom writes on transitioning her daughter into having her first cell phone, and the ways technology influences the communication style of your children.

Yes, Parenting IS the Hardest Job (HuffPost): Why parenting should be considered a full-time and demanding job, but still incredibly rewarding.

Mom Bares Her Soul For ‘What’s Underneath Project’ About Pregnancy, Body Image, And Loss (HuffPost): In a very personal interview, stylist Karyn Starr delves into her emotional experiences, both past and present, and how being a mom has changed her.

Preparing to Lose My Mind After Giving Birth (The New York Times): This mom explains how she has managed her battle with postpartum anxiety and depression, and gives advice on how other parents can make it through.