Things We’ve Read: Week of Oct. 20th, 2013

The Power of the Pregnant Body (Huffington Post): An inspiring tribute the physical prowess of our bodies even during pregnancy! Pregnant politicians, actresses, musicians and Olympians …

10 Advantages to an Unplanned Pregnancy (Jezebel): One woman in her tells the rapid maturity she experienced and the discoveries she made when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant in her early 30s.

Full Term Pregnancy Gets a New Narrower Definition (USA Today): A terminology change will help discourage doctors & patients from scheduling medically unnecessary deliveries before 39 weeks.

Exercise During Pregnancy Strengthens Arteries in Children (Counsel&Heal): CA State University studies show that exercise during pregnancy bolsters the vascular health of the baby from childhood through adulthood.

Creative Mom Turns her Baby’s Naptime Into Dream Adventures (Bored Panda): One mom creates beautiful scenes around her sleeping baby.