Things We’ve Read: Week of Oct. 6th, 2013

You’re a Stay-At-Home Mom? What do you DO all day? (The Matt Walsh Blog): A husband defends the value of the work that mothers do in caring for their families.

Breakthroughs in Screening (NYTimes): A new minimally invasive prenatal test yields extremely accurate results using fetal genetic fragments found in the mother’s blood

To Medicate or Not Medicate (The Huffington Post): For moms-to-be managing anxiety/depression medication (or non-medication) during pregnancy, this article offers 6 helpful cognitive-behavioral therapy tools.

After the I.V.F., the Wait (NYTimes): Amy Klein describes the two week wait after her first IVF.

Sean Penn Film ‘Human Experiment’ Explores Potential Dangers of Toxic Chemicals in Household Products (ABC NEWS): In his new filmm Sean Penn is taking on the risk of exposures to environmental toxins in what were once considered innocuous.