Things We’ve Read: Week of Nov. 3rd, 2013

New test may predict preeclampsia odds in pregnant women (CBS): A new test predicts preeclampsia risks by differentiating women with preeclampsia from those with high blood pressure alone

The Passion of Parenting (NYTimes): Wonderful op-ed about enjoying parenting.

Baby’s Gaze May Signal Autism, a Study Finds (NYTimes): When and how long a baby looks at other people’s eyes offers the earliest behavioral sign to date of whether a child is likely to develop autism

5 Myths About Labor and Delivery (Huffington Post): We love this breakdown on labor and delivery for first time moms-to-be!

Pregnant? Your Doctor Should Have Told You This (The Daily Green): We’ve been posting about the ACOG and ASRM recent statements that doctors and nurses need to warn moms-to be about the risks of chemical exposure. Here’s another publication’s take on it …