Things We’ve Read: Week of Nov. 16th, 2015

Meet the Instamom, a Stage Mother for Social Media (NYTimes): The moms and figures behind the stylish kids of Instagram.

Mom Illustrates All the Pregnancy Problems No One Wants To Talk About (Huff Post): Keeping it humorous and real. #truth

Father’s Talk With Son About Paris Terror Attack Goes Viral (NBC News): Explaining tragedy to young children.

18 Realistic Family Photos. Because We Know Parenting Isn’t Picture-Perfect (Upworthy): “Because that’s what parenting is about – the highs, the lows, and the moments between.”

Your Post-Pregnancy Shape Is Nobody’s Business (Huff Post): “Our culture’s acceptance and encouragement of ‘getting your prebaby body back’ has led to a ritualistic dialogue that, when lacking, can leave a woman questioning herself.”

When Headlines Play Down Dads, All Parents Lose (NY Times): The need to recognize the work and value fathers put on family and stop perpetuating stereotypes