Things We’ve Read: Week of May 26th, 2014

Study Sees Bigger Role for Placenta in Newborns’ Health (NYTimes): New study finds that the placenta, once thought sterile, actually harbors a world of bacteria that may help shape an infant’s health

Angry mothers meet U.S. EPA over concerns with Roundup herbicide (Reuters): A group of mothers, scientists and environmentalists met with U.S. EPA regulators on Tuesday over concerns that residues of Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide, had been found in breast milk.

China Scrambles to Adjust to Baby Boomlet (WSJ): With controls relaxed, officials take steps to accommodate two million extra births a year.

Grandma’s Over-the-Top Response to Baby Announcement (TheStir): Grandma excited much? #NNStories

14 Pregnancy-Approved Fitness Gadgets (FitPregnancy): Gadgets, apps & gear to optimize your fitness sessions!