Things We’ve Read: Week of May 11th, 2015

Ditch the Chemicals! 5 Head-To-Toe DIY Beauty Treatments (MindBodyGreen): Five truly all-natural DIY beauty treatments to try!

I Confess: I Use A Bumper (WellRounded NY): “There are a few teeny weenie things that I kindofsortof don’t exactly tell the whole truth about… ”

Obese Pregnant Scots Women Given Personal Trainers (The Scotsman): A government-funded initiative to combat and reduce diagnoses of maternal diabetes.

Will Pregnancy Tests In Alaska Bars Dissuade Moms-To-Be From Drinking? (NPR): A new strategy to raise awareness of the dangers of binge drinking during pregnancy.

How Maintaining Regular Exercise Helped Me During And After Pregnancy (Treehugger): How staying active helped ease discomforts during and after pregnancy for this mom.

Beauty And The Bump: Sarah Gibson Tuttle’s Picks for Pregnancy And Beyond (The Hive): On Nine Naturals Shampoo, “I literally fell in love. It’s my favorite beauty product right now – smells great and gets so sudsy. It makes me feel like I’m in a Pantene commercial!”

What If Protections For Pregnant Workers Sideline Women’s Progress? (WSJ): Employers are struggling to find the sensitive balance to address the needs of pregnant workers without impeding on their careers.

WHO: Progress in Millennium Development Goals Still Not Sufficient (VOA): Maternal mortality has decreased by half worldwide since 1990, though it still missed its targeted three-quarter reduction.