Things We’ve Read: Week of March 7th, 2016

Teaching Children How To Code, Without Screens (Co.Create): Fostering the next generation of digital creators with these toys

The Gut-Wrenching Choices Women Face When Contemplating Pregnancy After PPD (Huff Post): “On top of all the usual considerations, there is the haunting question: “Could I really put myself through that again?”

How To Decide How Connected You Want To Be On Maternity Leave (Fast Company): Creating a leave plan that works for you

Testing For Joy and Grit? Schools Nationwide Push to Measure Students’ Emotional Skills (NY Times): Is there a reliable way to measure emotional skills?

Pretty Soon, Your Car Might Run On Poop (Co.Exist): A truly green and energy-intensive fuel

A Flying Baseball Bat, a Dad’s Instinct and a Photograph (NY Times): Split second father’s instinct.

From Rosemary’s Baby to Bridget Jones: A Quick Scan of Pregnancy On Film (The Guardian): And a new shift in the way pregnant characters are portrayed on film

Moms Unite On Instagram To Reveal the ‘Lazy Meals’ They Trick Their Kids Into Eating (Tech Insider): #lazymomdinner

Photo Shows Just How Different Pregnancies Can Look (Huff Post): Pregnancy affects women’s bodies differently

Bookshelf: Women Making History (NY Times): In celebration of International Women’s day, here are some children’s books celebrating important women in history