Things We’ve Read: Week of March 28th, 2016

Why Working Parents Should Add “Raising A Kid” To Their Resumes (Fast Company): Parenthood helps hone skills the 21st-century economy is coming to value more and more.

This Explains Why You Can’t Remember What It Was Like Being A Baby (Refinery29): “No, it isn’t caused by a head injury, it’s how the brain naturally develops.”

The Benefits of Spicing Up a Breast-Feeding Mother’s Diet (NY Times): Eating a wide variety of healthy and tasty foods during pregnancy and breast-feeding can broaden a child’s diet.

7 Lessons In Persuasion From People Who Get Kids To Eat Veggies (Fast Company): Get kids involved and make healthy foods colorful and appetizing.

Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter Is The Definitive Guide To Being Pregnant (Baby Post): Her vivid explanations give you a taste of what to expect when you’re expecting.

Here’s Why April Fools’ Fake Pregnancy Jokes Aren’t Funny (Baby Center): For people coping with fertility issues or miscarriage, this joke may be a little more painful than realized.

Yes, You Should Say “We Are Pregnant” (Cosmopolitan): “It might not be biologically accurate, but in the world we live in today where dads play an active and vital role, it is a phrase we need to embrace.”

A Reconsideration of Children and Screen Time (NY Times): “Whatever we may learn about what young children can/can’t learn from screens, what we know is that they need human contact and interaction – and there’s a real worry that screens may take up time and space and replace some of what they most need.”

Confessions of a Radical Doula (NY Mag): Why is the delivery room the one place where a woman doesn’t have control over what happens to her body?