Things We’ve Read: Week of March 24th, 2014

Stressed out women may have a harder time getting pregnant (LA Times): Now there’s scientific evidence linking stress and fertility trouble. (Just don’t let it stress you out about being stressed out!)

Baby M and the Question of Surrogate Motherhood (NYTimes): Anyone remember the Baby M story? This article is at once a reminder of the evolution of the role of technology in fertility and a reminder of historical (or ancient) perspectives on motherhood and pregnancy.

Pseudocyesis: When You Think You’re Pregnant, Have Pregnancy Symptoms, But Aren’t Pregnant (HuffPo): We’ve all been hearing about the women who led others (and her own body) to believe she had quintuplets on the way when she was not pregnant at all. This is could be a case of Pseudocyesis.

Senate Endorses Bill to Allow Health Dept to Regulate Toxic Chemicals (VT Digger): Go, Vermont! VT wants a law to keep watch on toxic chemicals linked to cancer, asthma, developmental disorders, reproductive health and the like.

Toxic Test (EWG): How safe is your home? Take the Toxic test and find out! A helpful reminder of how pervasive chemicals are in our everyday life.