Things We’ve Read: Week of March 23rd, 2015

Air Force Mom Breastfeeding In Uniform Is A Stunning Look At Military Motherhood (HuffPost): Staff Sergeant Jonea Cunico of the Air Force speaks to the supportive environment she experienced as a mother in uniform.

GMO Labeling Will Not Increase Food Prices (Environmental Working Group): The Environmental Working Group comments on the House Agriculture Committee hearing regarding GMO labeling and the potential impact on food prices.

Stakeholders Support Senate Bills That Extend Maternity Leave (Good Morning America): The Senate Committee on Women, Family Relations and Gender Equality discussed bills to extend paid maternity leave for new mothers on Tuesday. Advocates argue that an extension of the current 60 days will allow mothers to fully recuperate before returning to work.

This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave (BuzzFeed): Photographer Johan Bävman documents how Swedish dads fare when they take advantage of the country’s generous paternity-leave legislation, allotting them up to 480 days to spend with their newborns.

A Series on Parenting With the Brain in Mind (HuffPost): Neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel, M.D., explains how parents can employ psychology to their advantage. An understanding of interpersonal neurobiology on the part of the parents can optimize their child’s brain development.

Supreme Court Says Woman Can Sue UPS In Pregnancy Suit (CNN): On Wednesday, a Supreme Court majority ruled in favor of former UPS driver Peggy Young whose pregnancy was not accommodated by her employer.

The Myths About Food And Pregnancy (BBC): There are plenty of myths out there about what you should and should not eat while pregnant. The U.K. National Health Service shares some advice on which tips to follow and which to ignore.