Things We’ve Read: Week of March 21st, 2016

This Pregnant Dog Did The Best Maternity Photo Shoot You’ll Ever See (BuzzFeed): “Meet Lilica, a flawless dog who was really feelin’ her pregnant glow”

Want to Raise Successful Kids? A Former Stanford Dean Says Please Stop Doing This (Huff Post): Helicopter parenting – “We want so badly to help them by shepherding them from milestone to milestone and by shielding them from failure and pain. But overhelping causes harm,”

Lead Taints Drinking Water In Hundreds of Schools, Day Cares Across USA (USA Today): “The federal government requires only about 10% of the nation’s schools and a tiny fraction of day cares — the 8,225 facilities that run their own water systems — to test for lead at all.”

Kids Taught In Green Schools Are Way More Environmentally Responsible (Co.Exist): The power of nurturing ideas at an early age

I Coached An All-Girls T-ball Team. They Taught Me More Than I Taught Them (Upworthy): “It’s a ‘man’s world’? Please. These young ladies know that they can compete with anyone. Including the boys.”

A Jab In Time (The Economist): “Some Western countries have lower vaccination rates than poor parts of Africa.”

Family Texts Wrong Number With Baby News, Gets Amazing Surprise (Upworthy): “If we all only had this kind of heart.”

Are The Expectations Please On New Moms Too High? (Baby Post): “We are told to lean in and so we do. We try. And we internalize the pressures that society has built up around us.”