Things We’ve Read: Week of March 14th, 2016

Why Are Genetic Counselors Downplaying False Alarms? (Fast Company): Questioning the independence of genetic counseling as more counselors are paid by that companies making the tests

Pregnancy Around the World: The Average Age Women Become First-Time Mothers (Huff Post): How motherhood journeys differ around the world

Pollution Tied to Premature Births, Especially in Women With Asthma (NY Times): Air pollution takes a toll even before conception

7 Things Every Child Needs to Hear (Huff Post): “It is your love and discipline which guide your children into forming accurate and healthy ideas of who they are. Love them well.”

Some Babies Are Just Easier Than Others (NY Times): Some parents have a much harder job than others, but you’ll make it through

This Baby Sleeps in the Coolest Room, Ever (Refinery29): nursery room #inspirations!

Moms Are Resorting to Crowdfunding to Cover Unpaid Maternity Leave (Huff Post): The lengths new parents are going to in order to care for their children and make ends meet